About Patti

AUTHOR • SPEAKER • educator • advocate


Born in rural New Jersey, as a young girl Patti spent hours every day writing —eventually filling stacks of diaries, journals, and notebooks. 

Years later, she was lead writer and Assistant Editor for a local newspaper and also began her own newsletter business. Since it was long before the advent of the internet and social media,  her newsletters provided organizations and communities with a consistent and easy way to keep their residents and members connected and informed.  

In 1985, Patti wrote her Life List (what many today call a Bucket List).  On the list was: ” #21: Write a book.”   She had no idea, at the time, the journey she would ultimately take to write that book. 

In 2010, Patti published her first book,  Love You…Who Are You?: Loving and Caring for A Parent with Alzheimer’s. It was written after spending years helping her father care for her mother — and after two years of interviews with over 100 other family and professional caregivers. 

“I wrote the book I wish I’d had during all the years I took care of my mother,” Patti said. “It is a guidebook to help anyone who is on a journey of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s — from diagnosis to the end of the journey.”

At the time of its release, Patti also became a Certified Alzheimer’s Educator and began travelling extensively speaking at conferences, events, care facilities, and support groups to provide care providers with practical tips and advice for their journey.  

Then, in 2016, her life took a very different turn when she wrote and published her first dog-related book,  Magical Dogs: Love and Lessons from Our Canine Companions.  

“I was afraid of dogs growing up.  I never got my first dog until I was 47 so the fact that I now choose to spend my life writing about dogs is a credit to one thing: the magic of dogs.”

At present, Patti is working on two new Magical Dogs books.  Magical Dogs 2: Connecting the Dots, Connecting the Dogs is scheduled for release in Summer 2018 and Magical Dogs 3: On the Road is slated for publication in early 2019. 

Patti  still resides in the same rural town in New Jersey — and still lives on the same street where she grew up. 


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